David Bowie Almost Played Hannibal Lecter's Uncle

One character from the novels who didn't appear in the Hannibal series is the title character's uncle Count Robert Lecter, who first appeared in Hannibal Rising. While Robert in the novel is short-lived and ultimately doesn't play a major role, showrunner Bryan Fuller had big plans for the Count on Hannibal. In fact, he first offered the role to David Bowie during the second season, who expressed interest.

Fuller recalls that the production reached out to Bowie about playing Count Robert several times on Hannibal, with the musician responding he was busy working on music but also asking they reach out again to check his schedule in the future. With the singer's passing in 2016, Fuller realized in retrospect that Bowie was sick when the role was being offered. The showrunner wanted Bowie because when he was trying to envision someone as cool as Mads Mikkelsen, the singer was the person who immediately came to mind.

(via screenrant.com)