Alleged Final "Fantastic Four" Reboot Cast Revealed

  • Sources claim that a leak has revealed the cast of the highly anticipated new chapter of “Fantastic Four”
  • An insider has named Adam Driver, Margot Robbie, Daveed Diggs and recent Oscar-nominee Paul Mescal as the new superheroes
  • Robbie has previously played Harley Quinn for DC, while Driver would be making the jump from the “Star Wars” universe

Sometimes Hollywood has a hard time keeping a lid on things, and fans of the “Fantastic Four” universe are the recipients of the industry’s newest leak. Reports allege online sleuths have figured out the A-list cast of long-awaited “FF” movie.

One source has named Margot Robbie (Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman) and Adam Driver (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic) as the two top-billed stars for the 2025 release. Rounding out the Four are believed to be recent Oscar-nominee Paul Mescal (Johnny Storm/The Human Torch) and “The Little Mermaid’s” Daveed Diggs (Ben Grimm/The Thing).

If true, Robbie would be making a jump to Marvel after playing DC’s Harley Quinn, while Driver would be coming over from another major franchise- Disney/Lucasfilm’s “Star Wars.” Mescal is rumored to be a part of the cast of “Gladiator 2,” while “Hamilton” star Diggs would seem to be an appropriate choice for the role of “Thing” which will likely require CGI and voice work. While none of these choices have been confirmed, fans are also clamoring to learn who will occupy the role of villainous Doctor Doom…

Source: Forbes