Ed Sheeran Talks Copyright Trial Puts On Surprise Street Concert

  • Ed Sheeran appeared on “CBS Sunday Morning” to chat about the lawsuit, the new album and his personal struggles with  CBS correspondent Seth Doane
  • Sheeran said these lawsuits won't stop "because it's a big money business to take things to court"
  • Sheeran also opened up about struggling with disordered eating but saying he doesn’t want to be the “poster boy" for it
  • Though he used to care what everyone thought of him, now Sheeran says,  “you’re not always going to be everything to everyone," adding, "I think it’s more challenging to write pop music than any other kind of music"
  • Meanwhile, the “Thinking Out Loud” singer popped up in Soho Friday for a quick popup show where he sang  “Boat” off the new "Subtract" album

Source: Pitchfork