PopKern Pick of the Week - Bottoms

            This movie was so much fun watching in theatres and truly felt like a unique film. Bottoms is the first LGBTQ+ satire with female lesbian lead characters I’ve seen, from what I can recall. It is not your typical coming-of-age adult comedy, because it blatantly makes fun of those same films and tropes.

            To summarize the story, two thirsty lesbian virgins in high school create a “self defense” club for young women, only as a device to sleep with a pair of hot cheerleaders that they’ve had their eyes on; shenanigans ensue. Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri work well together, but my favorite was Ayo’s character, Josie. She’s that lovable shy weirdo, and all her lines were cracking me up. In addition to these two, we have the gorgeous Havana Rose Liu, Kaia Jordan Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter), and former NFL player, Marshawn Lynch. Everyone pulled their own weight, and I was most surprised with how funny Lynch was!

            I must mention the film’s badass soundtrack made by Charli XCX and composer Leo Birenberg. In memorable scenes, we hear a range of artists from the 80’s Bonnie Tyler to modern pop stars like King Princess. This is the third film I’ve seen that features music from Ms. XCX and I’m living for it. It’s clear that producers go to her for a fresh, fun, young sound.

            The WRITING! I was honestly hollering in that theatre with everyone else. These jokes felt so out-of-pocket, yet perfectly timed. It’s definitely one of those films where you don’t want to talk or look at your phone, because you will miss something seen or said. Writing credit goes to director Emma Seligman AND lead actor, Rachel Sennott!

            All these points factor into Bottoms being as unique as it is, but I loved it the most for its high level of satire. Literally everything in their world was exaggerated and unbelievable, including all the characters! This is usually the case for most satirical world building, but it was definitely a surprise since I was expecting your usual run-of-the-mill quirky comedy, a.k.a. Booksmart. Another layer added to that is that one could argue we are simply watching the film through the eyes of the students; a time when everything felt like life or death, the end of the world if we didn’t get one thing or the other. In that context, the surreal satirical world makes even more sense. Either way, absurd humor is gonna garner laughs from the crowd.

            If you don’t mind crass humor and gore, this should be a great outing for you and your friends. Just leave the kids at home. I highly recommend Bottoms for everyone to go see before it leaves theatres, and I have a feeling it won’t be around too long, considering the sheer amount of new movies to come out in the following weeks. Out of 5 buckets of hot, fresh buttered popcorn, I’d give Bottoms 4!

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