Macy's Making Plans to Reopen All of its Stores With New Rules

Excited to get back into retail stores?

With many states re-opening, there will be new rules and guidelines to follow in a post coronavirus world.

Macy's is already making plans for when they reopen all 775 of their stores nationwide in the next six to eight weeks.

The reopening comes with new rules and restrictions that employees and customers will have to follow. There will be no more ear piercings and makeup samples will be for looking, not touching.

Macy's CEO outlines several other changes including:

  • Bra fittings are on hold until further notice
  • Dress shirts will not be available to try on in-store
  • Customers have to use hand sanitizer before trying on jewelry and watches
  • Beauty and makeup testers will only be for customer viewing, not sampling
  • Employees will have to wear company-issued masks, have wellness checks" before going to work, and clean high-touch surfaces frequently.

Macy's is planning to reopen in phases and state-by-state beginning with Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia and Oklahoma.