Pancake Cereal Is The Latest Tik Tok Trend and It Looks Delish!

Move over dalgona coffee. There's a new food trend in town!

Running out of breakfast ideas for the kids...or maybe yourself? Well, pancake cereal has become the newest quarantine craze to take over TikTok and the 'gram.

With more time on our hands these days we may experimenting more in the kitchen so why not make a lot of really tiny pancakes and turn them into cereal?!

The recipe is quite simple, you'll need the basic ingredients required to make pancakes ( mix, butter, syrup, add chocolate chips or fruit if you'd like) plus a squeeze bottle or cut the end of a ziploc bag in order to make the mini pancakes.

Might have to give this a try!

Check the video below for a little step by step instruction!

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