‘Paw Patrol’ latest show to attract anti-cop wrath on social media

After an online anti-police-show campaign that recently resulted in the cancellation of A&E's "Live PD and “Cops” on Paramount Network, it seems not even the animated series “Paw Patrol” is safe. 

The social-media backlash comes in the wake of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests. 

The Twitter account behind the Nickelodeon-airing kids show, which depicts anthropomorphized pets doing various blue-collar jobs, posted a tweet on June 2 in which it pledged to mute its content until June 7 “to give access for Black voices to be heard.”

However, the “Paw Patrol” proposal was swiftly shot down by the social-media masses, who proceeded to attack their German shepherd character Chase for his depiction of a police officer.

“Get rid of the cop or delete ur account,” fumed one critic in response, suggesting the canine should be canceled.

However, others found the response a bit over the top. “Please don’t listen to the other comments; you guys are amazing and bring some happiness into such a crazy world,” responded “Paw Patrol” proponent.

Thoughts....Is going after Paw Patrol a little overboard?